Eleanor Robson Belmont (1879-1979 an English actress and prominent public figure in the United States) said “A private railroad car is not an acquired taste, one takes to it immediately”.

Rovos porterWe can assure you that no matter which one you choose to travel on, you will agree with Eleanor Belmont. A wise lady who lived to be a hundred years old!

When it comes to the ultimate rail travelling experience, there are 3 unique trains to choose from.

Excitement builds as the engines build up power to take you and your fellow passengers on a memorable journey. And we are off…………..

Let’s start with The Blue Train.

The main route for this train is to travel from Pretoria to Cape Town or visa versa.
This journey gives the passengers a chance to experience “A window to the soul of South Africa”. From the two suites that you can choose from, there is no shortage of luxury, grace, elegance, and romance. This is an overnight journey getting you to your destination in style and elegance.

You will get to enjoy 3 meals daily that have been created from the finest local cuisine. This is accompanied by the local wines and alcoholic drinks for your enjoyment. Dinner Time is an elegant affair, so the dress code for the gentleman is jacket and tie and for the ladies evening dresses or evening suites.

Rovos rail "The Pride of Africa"This train is very well known to South Africans and to our International visitors, and is a well known icon around the world.

Have you ever heard of “The most luxurious train in the World”? This is Rovos Rail, the elegant old lady running on the tracks.

There is a charming Victorian atmosphere on board, and this is particularly evident from the carriages and also the dining cars which date back to prior 1940.

On this train you get to choose from three different suites, each authentically furnished with on-suite facilities. These journeys last from between 2 nights and 8 nights.

Three superbly presented meals are provided daily along with all the wines and alcoholic beverages for your enjoyment and pleasure.

What makes this train so special is that she has many routes to choose from. From Pretoria to Cape Town and visa versa, or maybe you fancy a trip to Durban or maybe the magnificent Victoria Falls. No problem, just hop aboard for an experience of a life time. Maybe you are looking for something a bit longer. What about a journey to Dar-es-Salam, or maybe Cairo. These journeys are available, and you need only ask us for details.

For the specialist enthusiast, what about a Golf Safari, or maybe a Hunting Safari? All the details are available.

And if this is not enough there is another train to choose from. She is different to the others in that she is “An Adventure of a life time”. This is the “Shongololo Express” crisscrossing Southern Africa. No matter whether you are looking North, East, South or West there is a journey going in your direction.

The journeys will take you around South Africa and all that she has to offer, as well as going north to witness the splendour of the Dunes in Namibia. If you have always wanted to see that “smoke that thunders” then hop aboard the Southern Cross for the Victoria Falls.

If you would like to trace the steps of Dr Livingstone then Shongololo Express will let you experience Africa at its best.

She is not called the “Adventure of a Lifetime” for nothing. She has a variety of suites to suit your needs, providing comfort and well needed rest from all the daily excursions you will enjoy. The average length of the journeys is 12 days.

On board you will enjoy breakfast and dinner, all prepared to enhance the experience of traveling in Africa.

So whatever takes your fancy – there is a journey for you!

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